Price List

​Cage-free, non-GMO eggs $4/doz.

​Pork chops $6/lb.

​Pork tenderloin $7/lb.

Spare ribs $3/lb.

​Baby back ribs $5/lb.

Ham roast $6/lb.

Ground pork $4/lb.

​Bacon $9

​Black Angus Beef $/varies

Cakes, pies, breads $/varies

​Canned goods $/varies

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All meats are processed in a USDA-inspected facility in north Georgia. I have a mobile meat permit and can deliver. I also have an egg candling certificate and cottage food license through the Department of Agriculture.

​As a separate operation from the food truck, Gonzo Farm offers a variety of products. With permits obtained by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, I offer local meats, fresh eggs, canned and baked goods, and delicious produce straight from the farm, located in Dahlonega, Ga., near the Lumpkin/Hall county line. Kim and I also have a produce stand on the farm that will be opening soon on Sundays.


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