Salad $3.95 per person

Gonzo Farm’s mixed greens and veggies with dressings and croutons


Drinks $1.95 per person

House-brewed sweet and unsweet iced teas, and bottled water


Plate and Silverware Rental $2.79 per person

Includes one 10” round white dinner plate, one fork and one knife per person.

(If plates and silverware are NOT rented, meals are served on sturdy, disposable dinner plates with plastic utensils)

Service Details:

Food can be served directly off the food truck or via a staffed service line, with my staff building each guest’s plate as they walk through. My culinary team and I set up the food lines, food stations, food displays and self-serve beverage stations, but we do not handle set-up or breakdown of guest tables. When plates and silverware are rented, my staff will go around and collect these items from tables after guests are finished eating.

I request a tally of what your guests plan to order. Others have printed menu options on their invitations, or sent a separate card along with the invitation, listing items guests can order alongside checkmark boxes.

The only additional charge is sales tax.

Tip is optional.

A 30% non-refundable deposit will be due 10 days prior to the event.


I look forward to working with you!

Thank you for your consideration,

Brandon Wilson, chef/owner

gonzogourmetfood.com770 733-0490

Gonzo Gourmet caters all types of events including weddings, business luncheons and parties. Please contact me or fill out the form for more information.

Menu 1:

$25.95 per person

Beef Tenderloin – Black angus tenderloin sliced medium rare over a red wine reduction; served with roasted herb potatoes and a local seasonal vegetable

Chicken Roulade – Baked chicken breast stuffed with fresh spinach and feta cheese over a mushroom cream sauce; served with roasted herb potatoes and a local seasonal vegetable

Portabella Mushroom Cap – (vegetarian option) Baked marinated mushroom cap topped with sauteed spinach, bell peppers and homemade alfredo sauce; served with roasted herb potatoes and a local seasonal vegetable

Add Ons:

Cheese, Olive, Grape Display $550 (Serves 100 guests)

An assortment of artisanal cheeses, olives, grapes, breads and crackers

* Add Sliced Cured Meats to the display $275 extra


Catering Menu Options

Menu 2:

$16.95 per person

North Georgia Tacos – Slow-cooked pork topped with cumin-crema coleslaw, fresh peach salsa and cilantro; served with Mexican-style eloté (corn on the cob with homemade spicy mayo, lime and crumbled cheese)

Chipotle Beef Tacos – Slow-cooked beef topped with cumin-crema coleslaw, fresh salsa and cilantro; served with Mexican-style eloté

Avocado Tacos – (vegetarian option) Deep-fried avocado with cumin-crema coleslaw and fresh salsa; served with Mexican-style eloté

*Includes a free chips and salsa station

*Add Gonzo Guacamole for $2.75 per person